In the case of the accelerometer, at each sending the platform will not receive a single data (such as the temperature at a given time), but an array of data corresponding to a sampling of n seconds. Depending on the sampling rate, you will have more or less data.
For example, if you sample for 1 second at 6 kHz, you will have 6000 acceleration data (on each axis) for each sample.
Furthermore, from the acceleration data it is important to derive, through the Fourier Transform, the peaks of the main frequencies present. The analysis of these peaks allows the implementation of predictive diagnostics.
The HyperIoT platform was therefore equipped with a widget that allows you to view the acceleration data and an enrichment that calculates the Fourier transform and then allows you to view it in an ad hoc widget.
The sensor sends the data in JSON format as requested by the platform, with the MQTT protocol.


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