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HyperIoT Platform

An Open-Source No-Code Cloud Native platform for managing big data from any IIoT network.

Let's see together all the advantages of HyperIoT!

Simplified Data Management

Easily manage all your data. HyperIot also allows less experienced users full autonomy.

Ease of navigation of historical data

See older data with our timeline. You will be able to choose the year, the day or even the second to examine.

Centralization and data governance

Thanks to HyperIot you will be able to manage the production, analysis, evaluation and measurement of data from a single centralized tool.

Machine Learning and Statistics

Gather performance data, extract actionable insights, identify new opportunities, and improve your competitiveness through the platform's built-in, ready-to-use algorithms.

Interconnection of machines

Thanks to a capillary control over the equipment, you can concentrate on your company's core business and increase your market presence.

Predictive Maintenance

Use data and technologies to predict problems and plan interventions before failures or outages occur.

OpenSource technology

The open source code ensures data transparency and allows more advanced users to understand what happens behind the scenes!

Upload Analytics Algorithms

HyperIot dà la possibilità di caricare gli Algoritmi Analytics, così facendo avrai la possibilità di eseguire delle analisi sui dati senza dover utilizzare servizi esterni. 

Industry 4.0 ready tool

The adoption of Industry 4.0 software can improve the quality of your products and services. Where envisaged, HyperIot is compliant with obtaining Industry 4.0 incentives

Cross platform

To date HyperIot has been applied to various areas but its potential is endless!
In fact, the HyperIoT cloud infrastructure constitutes a generic architecture suitable for the most diverse applications